Polyhedral Dice Advent-ure Calendars 11-13

Created by Black Oak Workshop

Satisfy your sense of adventure and love of dice with one of our fun Advent-ure Calendars! Three new themes await you!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

6 months ago – Fri, Jun 09, 2023 at 12:50:53 PM

Hello Backers!

We've had to make a correction in the pledge manager as we had an incorrect item listed. Thanks to backer David Cornwell for catching our mistake! For anyone who has completed their survey, please note that there is no Crystal Ball dice bag. The dice bag for the Raven's Faire is the Carousel Horse dice bag as outlined on the Kickstart project.

I apologize for this inconvenience, but anyone who has completed their survey should return run through the selection process again. I know this is an aggravation and am sorry about this!

An early iteration of the Raven's Faire dice bag was the Crystal Ball, but we had exchanged it prior to launching the Kickstart. During the pledge manager build, the incorrect bag was referenced. The Crystal Ball dice bag will not be part of this project and is not slated to be produced at this time.

If anyone has any issues, please let me know here in the comments and I will address them right away. 

6 months ago – Thu, Jun 08, 2023 at 07:39:50 AM

Hello Backers!

Our surveys are ready to go out. Some of you will see survey emails over the next 24 hours and, if all checks out, we will release the rest around this time tomorrow. If anyone notices any issues, please let me know. Please watch those spam folders! We ask that everyone please respond to their surveys as soon as possible so we can initiate our production orders as quickly as possible.

About the Surveys

The surveys will allow each of you to make any specific choices related to your pledge as well as purchase add-ons. This occurs in the BackerKit Pledge Manager. Each backer will receive an automated email from BackerKit with a link to their survey. All project add-ons will be available as well as other Black Oak products. As stated on the project page, our 2023 price increase for our dice bags and pins has not been applied to the related items in the pledge manager!

Shipping Rates

As we built the pledge manager, we noted shipping rates have gone up considerably. We always strive to ensure our estimates on the project are as close as can be, but sometimes changes are required when we build out the surveys to address rate changes. I mention this because some of the international rates are higher than estimated. The international rate shift at the 2lb mark is particularly harsh. Please note that we charge as close as we can to actual rates and there is no attempt to overprice shipping fees to backers.


Our current timeline is as follows:

  • June 8/9: Surveys Sent
  • June 23: Surveys Due
  • June 30: Survey Window Closes - Lock Completed Orders
  • July 1: Charge Cards
  • Sep 15: Begin Shipping

That's all for now everyone. As always, thanks for supporting our small company!

7 months ago – Mon, May 22, 2023 at 08:46:49 AM

Hello Backers!

Thank you for another great project! We funded and got our dice bags unlocked as well. As promised at the outset, there will be several additional mystery dice in each calendar and I am certain you will all be very happy!

Next up, I will be working on preparing the pledge manager which will take about 2 weeks. I will post another update when it is complete. That update will cover next steps and also provide a timeline. The pledge manager is where all choices will be made, add-ons can be purchased and shipping data is collected.

That's all for now - thank you everyone!!

7 months ago – Sat, May 20, 2023 at 07:53:31 PM

Hello Backers!

Great news in that our dice bags have been unlocked! These will be a great addition to the project!!

I am certain you will love these bags!

That's all for - thank you everyone!

7 months ago – Sat, May 20, 2023 at 06:05:20 PM

Hello Backers!

We're into our final 24 hours and picking up a little steam! We are very close to unlocking the themed dice bags and I feel confident we can get there. Please help spread the word out there as we race to the finish!

Thank you everyone!!